A reliable solution designed to enhance the efficiency of µCT measurements by speeding up your sample throughput. 

The Xploraytion Sample Changer (XSC) is a flexible modular device which features a cost-effective highly adaptable 6x6 sample array (adaptable), and is seamlessly integrated onto the synchrotron experimental chamber’s rotating table as well as your table-top µCT device.

The improved automation with the XSC significantly reduces setup times from minutes to just seconds per sample. Within this brief timeframe, the mechanism efficiently removes the previous sample from the beam path and positions the next sample accurately along the rotation axis of the rotating table.

Enhance your µCT research workflow with the reliable and precise Xploraytion Sample Changer now. Simplify your processes, optimise efficiency, and unlock new possibilities in your scientific endeavours. Get a quote now!

For additional info please download our sample changer brochure.