We offer 3D characterization of tablet morphology using high-throughput Synchrotron μCT with sub-micron resolution and phase contrast – characterization includes analysis of pore size distribution, inclusions, coating thickness, grain boundaries, surface roughness, active medium distribution and more!

In situ time-resolved measurements in controlled liquid environments

Automized or manual defect identification 

Watch our video on the visualization of 3-dimensional characterization of tablet morphology by means of µCT analysis

Complementary X-ray analysis for PHARMA
· X-ray spectroscopy: analysis of elemental and chemical compositions at sub-micron resolutions and sensitivities in the ppm range (e.g. elemental mapping to find contaminations, co- localization of different elements, oxidation states,...)
· X-ray diffraction tomography : to assess crystalline properties in 2- and 3-dimensions